Brian Beacom

Role: Programmer
Location: Dundee, UK
Company: Guerilla Tea


  • C#
  • C++
  • Visual Studio

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Brian Beacom is a programmer working with Guerilla Tea in Dundee, Scotland. As part of a small expert team, Brian has been involved in the development of numerous titles including being the primary coder on eight projects in his first twelve months there.


  • Guerilla Tea

    Guerilla Tea is a small, indie games and app studio based in Dundee in Scotland. Joining a skilled team meant jumping in at the deep end with Day 1 spent researching and implementing change-point detection algorithms for their latest client brief, Genes in Space - a collaboration with Cancer Research UK that saw players analysing genetic data in realtime just by playing the game, at the time a world first.
    Subsequent to this, I took responsibility for HTTP Server implementation for this game and followed it up by implementing an rUDP networked server and client pair plus the full game in a brief for Kydaemos. Since then I've made myself indispensable to the company being the main programmer on 5 out of 6 own IP releases by the company in my first year here.
    ProgrammerFeb 2014 - Present
    Junior ProgrammerSep 2013 - Feb 2014
  • Abertay Union

    Abertay Union is the University run bar and social area for Abertay Students. Originally employed for my experience with Social Media, I was primarily managed by the Entertainments Department but worked regularly behind the bar.
    However over the course of my first year, I learned on-the-job how to setup and supervise the wide range of audiovisual equipment regularly used by the Union and worked almost solely within the Entertainments department for my second year, occasionally lending relief to the bars.
    Entertainments StaffAug 2012 - Aug 2013
    Bar and Entertainments StaffSep 2011 - Aug 2012
  • University of Abertay Dundee Students" Association

    The UADSA is an independent body at Abertay University focused on the representation of students locally and nationally, as well as the provision of recreation and support. During my time on the Executive, I took on a wide range of portfolios from housing campaigns to supporting societies to campaigning to save the University from a merger.
    More generally executive officers were responsible for the day to day running of the Association - after winning their seat by election they become trustees of the charity and are required to ensure the Association"s financial health and legal status alongside furthering its aims and reporting back to the student body via presentations.
    Executive OfficerAug 2011 - Aug 2013


  • University of Abertay Dundee

    Graduated in 2013 with Award:
    BSc(Hons) Computer Games Technology (2:1)
    Pathfinding in Games & Agile DevelopmentA
    Graphics ProgrammingA
    Computer Operating EnvironmentsA
    Emergent TechnologiesA
    Prototype Game DevelopmentB
    Applied MathematicsB