Array is a challenging, tile-based, puzzle game released on Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8 with Android, iPhone & iPad to follow. The game features two modes, Square and Hex, with a simple shared goal of replicating what you see in the top grid on the bottom grid.


Array is a seemingly simple puzzler that takes very little time to get to grips with, however it has a fiendishly difficult streak to it. The challenge of the game is that you may only tap each tile in the grid once, setting it's value to 1 and for each tile you tap all of it's neighbour tiles will increment by one if they're already tapped. Therefore there is a precise order to the solution of each puzzle and things are not always as they seem.

This was a reasonably fast project that made up our first full game developed to target to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, as well as Android and iOS operating systems. As such the key focus was on speedy development and the development of our essential native extensions for each of the required platforms. I was the sole programmer on the project for its duration, working directly with our art and design teams.