Buy Now


Buy Now is the product of a 48 hour games jam held at Abertay University. As a two-person team (one programmer, one artist) we set about making a mobile game, Twitter bot and API.


Buy Now is a quirky little puzzle game developed by myself and Caitlin Goodale (Art) for Android. It poses the seemingly simple challenge of extracting a drink from the vending machine you are presented with. As you might expect of the product of a game jam with the theme "Is it Broken?" things aren't quite as simple as they seem however. The user may soon find themselves shaking out their frustration with things taking a turn for the worse when you're encouraged to reach out to the games Customer Service team on Twitter to fix this obviously broken machine. Finally, by solving the clues left by the Twitter team the user may retrieve their drink and a personalised thanks from the Cocotrump himself.

As with all of the best jam games, Buy Now allowed me to explore something a little outside of the ordinary and, naturally, being the only programmer in the team left me with the ability to simply push my limits. (I could probably write a Twitter bot before this is over right?!) So over the course of the weekend I successfully wrote an accelerometer based Unity (mini) game, a separate C#.NET Twitter Bot which responded to tweets on a particular hashtag and finally an Azure Web Services ASP.NET API which both the game and Twitter bot spoke to in order to connect all the pieces together. Whilst still making it to all of the social events during the jam and educating Caitlin on the intricacies of implementing UI and animations in Unity.