Castle Creeps Battle


Castle Creeps Battle is the first realtime multiplayer, PVP title released by Outplay Entertainment. CCB is a fantasy themed card battling game with an extended metagame featuring unique deployable heroes with special abilities.


Castle Creeps Battle is the title I've worked on during my time at Outplay Entertainment. It is an in-depth card battle game set in the existing fantasy universe of Castle Creeps. Upon joining the company, and this team, I took responsibility for the metagame development with some limited interaction on gameplay when there were imminent deadlines. This meant implementation of the full UI, animations and logic for everything outside of the game from gacha to store, deck management to adding friends. Alongside this I owned the development of the metagame server which powered all of this functionality in a scalable and server authoritive manner. Technologies used in this period were primarily Unity/C# and GoLang using Google Cloud (AppEngine).

Early in 2018, the existing lead developer on the project left the company. At which point I was asked to step in and take control of all parts of the project from a technical capacity, so added maintenance of our realtime game servers and in-game logic adding AWS Gamelift and .Net Core to the existing lineup of tech, as well as the usual full suite of Lead activities (six month reviews, 1:1's, time-off management, scheduling and estimation and interaction with main company stakeholders)