Dead Man's Switch


2016 saw the creation of our most ambitious Global Game Jam entry yet, asymmetric multiplayer game Dead Man's Switch brings procedurally generated madness to PC and Android.


Another game jam entry completed in a team formed by members of Guerilla Tea, Dead Man's Switch puts you in the shoes of someone freshly awoken in some form of underground bunker. You are quickly briefed that you are under orders to push a button on the console in front of you every 3 minutes, however it's not long before things start to go wrong and you must venture forth into the labyrinthine bunker to conduct repairs and ensure you can keep pressing the button. Dead Man's Switch is a 3 player asymmetric game which features 3 roles:

  • The Fixer plays on PC finding their way around the bunker to conduct repair tasks.
  • The Navigator works with the fixer by observing their position on a map and feeding them directions as well as interfering with the wrecker.
  • The Wrecker decides what to break in the bunker and then tampers with doors, lights and gas mains to prevent them making it in time.

The programming component of this game was split in 3 amongst the 3 programmers:

  • General Gameplay of PC Game
  • Procedural Bunker Generation
  • Realtime, peer-to-peer multiplayer and app development

with myself taking the latter of the trio allowing me to get back into realtime multiplayer using Unity's low level API. Although ambitious the 48hr jam was ultimately successful was all parts coming together to make a rather compelling game