V&A: Luxury Time


Luxury Time attempts to create an understanding of the craftsmanship involved in producing items we consider to be luxurious, it focuses on the hours these crafters dedicate to their work through 3 javascript based HTML5 games.


Luxury Time is a collaboration between Guerilla Tea, The Beautiful Meme and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It was commissioned to promote the 'What is Luxury?' exhibition at the V&A, with design and art provided by The Beautiful Meme and Guerilla Tea supplying Programming services. The product is a collection of 3 minigames designed to emphasise the importance of time in crafting 3 real-world luxury items that form part of the exhibition. In each of the games you are placing the gems in an Ecclesiastical Crown, assembling the mould for the Bone Chair and producing the final glass in a 641 glass set by drilling the pattern into it.

I was the main development contact on this project, liasing directly with the designers and producers at the Beautiful Meme and the Systems Administrators at the V&A to ensure the project was completed per the spec and met with the approval of the V&A and each of their sponsors for the exhibition in time for the launch of the exhibition. As well as developing the apps framework and the 2 more complex games in the design in Javascript using CreateJS.