Metal Hammer: Roadkill


Featuring licensed music from well-known metal acts such as Sabaton, Epica and Suicide Silence. Roadkill was Team Rock Games first foray into full games development.


Roadkill is a rhythm-action game which sees the player fending off a horde of devilish minions marching at them to the beat of some very well known metal songs. Guerilla Tea was brought into the project relatively late in development so it was important for us to establish strong communications with existing partners whilst restructuring and bringing the game to it's eventual release. With a strong content and update strategy work is still ongoing for this project and all going well Guerilla Tea will be supporting it for a while to come.

This project attracted the efforts of the full team at Guerilla Tea however my principal responsibilities related to collaborating with the backend providers to implement and optimise features for social gameplay, DLC etc. I also took responsibility for content distribution (AssetBundles), UI implementation (supporting our art team), enemy and powerup logic and Android native extensibility (Analytics and In-App Billing).