Sandbox TD


Originally designed in the TIGA game jam, Sandbox Tower Defense has advanced into a full title. Putting players in charge of defending a rather literal sandbox from the oncoming toy solider horde.


As this game is unreleased information is limited to only that which is publicly released, more info here

Sandcastles are an ephemeral art form, but swarms of toy soldiers trying to knock them don't certainly doesn't help matters!

Get ready to furiously dig and shape the sand in your backgarden play area, to funnel the many toy soldiers, jeeps, tanks and other nefarious enemies intent on bringing down your castle!

At your disposal you have toys of your own... Place them in the sandpit to tackle the advancing foes head on with lasers, missiles and all sorts of special abilities that you'll learn along the way!

Combine playing in the sand with your very own defensive strategy through interesting upgrades, and an array of powerful items such as chattering teeth landmines, lightning strike, alien airstrike and more!