The Quest: Anniversary


Bafta Nominated game, The Quest, was the first title released by Guerilla Tea in their days as a student start-up, for the apps anniversary it has been reskinned and brought into the modern age. For the duration of this project, I was the sole programmer working within a full development team.


The Quest design is inspired by the Rubik's Cube. Manipulate the world around you, moving the great knight Steve over water, grass and mountains in the epic quest to find the true holy grail, or as it's more commonly known... God's favourite tea mug.
Solo programming on this project allowed me to take full control of planning out development, scheduling my time and working in co-ordination with the artist, designer, producer and testers involved in the project to ensure the vision was fully realised. As a reskin, this project was to adapt an existing full code base with which I was unfamiliar, indeed the final project, involved ripping out the existing legacy UI system and replacing it with something more fit for purpose whilst interfacing with all the existing game logic and adapting parts of it. As part of the project, I was also required to implement monetisation through AdMob, cross-promotion with Chartboost and analytics from Flurry all involving native plugins on Android and iOS.