What Have We Done?!


What Have We Done?! is our answer to the Global Game Jam theme in 2015 of 'What do we do now?' Interestingly, we used the theme as a design methodology...


Global Game Jam 2015 presented by far my most ambitious games jam, with the theme 'What do we do now?' We started with our usual design methodology for jams - by just shouting what ever word came to mind and making a list of them all. It was at this point the similarities ended however, whilst the rest of my team finished setting up - I prepared a Random Word Generator feeding the list of words we'd made into it. My application would pick a word randomly, and start a 2 hour timer to give us some inspiration for finishing it. These small, fast sprints proved to be amazingly productive and we found ourselves rather impressed with the outcome.

The words we were given were, in order:

  • Nature
  • Klein Bottle
  • Window
  • Mountains
  • Misery
  • Cookie
  • Camera
  • Blue
  • Survival
  • Lever
and their implementations varied widely in stature and tone, from Nature, being the first word, which became our environment - to Window which offered us an opportunity to provide a window into space, before you are swiftly pulled into a blackhole and dropped out a fresh window in the clouds.

From riding "UniPigs" to tearing down our environment and creating abject misery nothing was considered too big an idea for a 2 hour sprint. The same logic saw us implementing a survival game mode at 2am on the final day. Within such scope my own contributions were many and varied beyond any chance of enumerating them however I think everyone on the project should be proud of what we achieved. What we may have lacked in time we made up for in creativity and ambition.